factory wholesale expanded metal grating

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-Product: factory wholesale expanded metal grating

-Model: HJEX-27

-Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum5052

-Types: 2.0lb, 3lb, 3.14lb, 3.3lb, 4.0lb, 4.5lb, 4.27lb, 5.0lb, 6.25lb, 7.0lb,

-Common Size: 4ft LWD x 8ft SWD or 4ftSWD x 8ft LWD

-Customize is acceptable

-Application: The kind of expanded metal grating is mainly used for walkway.

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Description of factory wholesale expanded metal grating

Expanded metal gratings are an excellent choice for catwalk or walkay. It is available in carbon steel, expanded metal gratings are lighter in weight compared to standard bar gratings. This expanded metal grating is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets, these can be supplied in mill finish, painted black, or hot dipped galvanized.

Compared with ordinary metal mesh, expanded metal grating must have a satisfactory anti-slip effect and a certain bearing capacity to ensure the life of service personnel on the post.

The expanded metal grating deems appropriate, and adopts the heavy metal mesh products in the expansion mesh series. Various product attributes: non-slip appearance, wear-resistant, can bear more than 800 kg per square meter, high tensile strength, strong toughness, no rust. Anti-aging, strong flame retardancy, smooth mesh surface and other properties.

Expanded Metal Grating – Carbon Steel

Style Thickness(inches) Strand(inches) SWD(inches) LWD(inches)
2.0 lb. 0.135 0.235 1.33 5.33
3.0 lb. 0.183 0.264 1.33 5.33
3.14lb. 0.250 0.312 2.00 6.00
4.0 lb. 0.215 0.300 1.33 5.33
4.27lb. 0.250 0.300 1.41 4.00
5.0 lb. 0.250 0.331 1.33 5.33
6.25lb. 0.312 0.350 1.41 5.33
7.0 lb. 0.318 0.391 1.41 5.33


Style Thickness(inches) Strand(inches) SWD(inches) LWD(inches)
3.3 lb. 0.250 0.312 2.00 6.00
4.5 lb. 0.250 0.300 1.41 4.00


Style Thickness(inches) Strand(inches) SWD(inches) LWD(inches)
2.0 lb. 0.250 0.387 1.33 5.33

For aluminum grating, the material must be aluminum 5052 to provide a better bearing weight ratio.

1. Concentrated load is applied at mid-span and is in units of pounds per foot of grating width.

2. Deflection is at the mid-span, and is measured in inches.

3. The test specimens on which this table is measured were welded at alternate strands to an angle fixture.

4. Testing has shown that if the both ends are not welded in place the capacity of the grating is drastically reduced.

A A variation in weight per square ft. of ±5 % is permissible, based on the weight of any sheet or bundle.

B A tolerance of ±5% is permitted in dimensions, center to center..

Application Of Expanded metal grating:

Expanded metal grating is widely used in outer wall multi-storey building scaffolding pedals, high-altitude platform pedals, facility platforms, tower crane platforms, factory office platforms, ship production platforms, power plant walkway platforms, chemical plant walkway platforms, etc.

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