Huijin won bid of Hungary Alba Arena Gymnasium Project

The Alba Arena is a ice hockey arena in the central Hungarian city of Sekeshberg, and its construction will be of great significance for the development of ice hockey in Hungary. The decorative mesh on both wings of the gymnasium is developed by Huijin wire meh , with a total area of 5600 square meters.


The two wings of the gymnasium are located in important positions throughout the entire venue, showcasing the technological and modern feel of the Alba Gymnasium. 380 high-end stainless steel curtain walls and screens form a huge curved body with a diameter of 275 meters. Huijin wire mesh has communicated with Hungarian clients through multiple video exchanges, ultimately determining the product production plan. With extremely precise control of arc accuracy and splicing control, it has created a perfect two wing arc curve for the sports hall.



The curvature of the two wings of the sports hall is relatively large, which is different from traditional sports halls and poses significant challenges to the technology and product bending capacity. Therefore, the technical personnel of Huijin wire mesh has made efforts to tackle this problem, repeatedly testing the bending resistance of stainless steel raw materials, and accurately measuring the cutting size of the decorative mesh at the upper and lower ends of the two wings, overcoming the problem of high project bending rate.



The Alba Gymnasium creates an open and freely flowing curved beauty on both wings of the building, integrating the decorative beauty of Anping wire mesh into the Alba Gymnasium in Hungary. Huijin wire mesh will always uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, provide ideal curtain wall screen products and comprehensive technical services to domestic and foreign users with the greatest sincerity and high-quality supporting facilities!



Post time: Aug-21-2023