The magnificent collision between Huijin Decorative metal mesh and the interior ceiling of cross-border e-commerce platforms

Jinan Bonded Goods Exhibition and Experience Center is a new OTO cross-border e-commerce retail project based on the “1210″ regulatory model. The suspended ceiling of some exhibition areas in the Experience Center will be designed by Huijin , with a total area of approximately 8850 square meters.


The project designer decided to use a metal mesh ceiling through inspiration, in order to maintain the transparency of the entire design without compromising decoration. Metal mesh materials are widely used in the field of indoor landscape art decoration, using a green and environmentally friendly material to achieve a visual and spatial transition of introverted and elegant.


As a cross-border commodity display platform under the new model, Jinan Bonded Commodity Display and Experience Center can be said to be a button connecting domestic and international fashion. Huijin’s technical personnel have communicated with customers multiple times, conducted on-site inspections and measurements, and continuously adjusted existing data before finally designing a set of aesthetically pleasing and durable solutions based on safety to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.


The cooperation between Huijin and the Jinan Bonded Commodity Exhibition and Experience Center project is a major step forward for Huijin in the metal mesh, as well as in providing a one-stop service of design, measurement, production, and installation. In the future, Huijin will continue to maintain its original intention, continuously improve its own conditions and advantages, continuously output more perfect products and designs, and provide higher quality services for every customer!

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to come and negotiate cooperation, so that our products can shine with unique brilliance around the world.


Post time: Sep-04-2023