What’s Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fence?

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence is a kind of Expanded Metal Mesh, also called Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fence, it is classified by use which is very popular in the market.

Expanded Metal Mesh used for Highway Fence, which can not only ensure the continuity and lateral visibility of anti-glare facilities, but also isolate the up and down lanes to achieve the purpose of anti-glare and isolation. The feature of products is economical and appearance is beautiful, it can also reduce the wind resistance on the road. In addition, the security fence can increase the service life and reduce treatment cost after processed the surface treatment of galvanized and PVC.


Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fence are widely used in Highway, City road, Military barracks, National defense boundary, Park, Buildings, Department, Sport area, Airport and Road green area etc.


Expanded Metal Mesh contains micropore, small hole, big hole, light steel mesh, heavy duty expanded metal mesh.

If classified according to hole shape, will include diamond hole, hexagonal hole, and some other special-shaped hole. If classified according to material, will include stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet.


Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fence is made of high quality steel plate with stamping, which divided into hot-dip galvanized expanded metal mesh fence, PVC coated expanded metal mesh fence, powder coated expanded metal mesh fence. It has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and so on.


Classification of Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fence,

- Accroding to range of application, it contains Heavy duty expanded metal, Stainless steel expanded metal, Galvanized expanded metal mesh and Powder coated expanded metal mesh.


- Accroding to material, it contains Low carbon expanded metal mesh, galvanized expanded metal mesh, and so on


- Accroding to durface treatment, it contains Hot-dip galvanized expanded metal mesh, Paint expanded metal mesh, Powder coated metal mesh.


The advantages of expanded metal mesh security fence is almost no solder joints, no welding overall, strong fastness, good ventilation performance, and can not climb, with impact resistance, with strong and durable, beautiful, easy maintenance, good visibility, bright color and other advantages.

Post time: Sep-04-2023