Zhangbei Grassland Journey: Exploring the Charm of Mutton BBQ

Recently, our company carefully organized a group tour for employees, and the destination was the Zhangbei Grassland in northern China. The purpose of this trip is to relax our body and mind from intense work, and at the same time to gain a deeper understanding of China’s grassland culture.

Early in the morning, we gathered at the company, and then took the bus to Zhangbei Grassland. Along the way, we admired the scenery outside the window, talked about the upcoming food and the trip to the grassland, and our excitement and anticipation were beyond words.

After several hours of driving, we finally arrived at the Zhangbei Grassland. As soon as we set foot on this vast grassland, we were deeply attracted by the scenery in front of us. The blue sky, white clouds, green grass, and flocks of cattle and sheep in the distance constitute a beautiful picture scroll. We all took out our mobile phones to record this wonderful moment.

Food is an integral part of a trip to the prairie. In the evening, we enjoyed a sumptuous lamb barbecue dinner. Under the reflection of the bonfire, the aroma of mutton overflows, making people salivate. We grilled lamb kebabs by hand, with fresh vegetables and seasonings, each bite is a unique taste enjoyment.

While tasting delicious food, we also enjoyed local folk performances, songs and dances. Actors dressed in bright national costumes, sang and danced, presenting us with a wonderful cultural feast. We can’t help but sway to the beat, feeling the unique charm of the grassland.

This trip to the prairie not only allowed us to appreciate the natural scenery, but also allowed us to taste authentic food. The interactive session on the grassland deepened the friendship between the teams. Under the reflection of the bonfire, our smiling faces are like blooming sunflowers, full of happiness and warmth.

To sum up this trip, we have gained relaxation and happiness, and also have a deeper understanding of the importance of the team and the power of unity. I believe that in the days to come, the good memories of this trip will become the driving force for us to continue our efforts.

Post time: Aug-29-2023