Huijin became the successful bidder of architectural building facade decoration of Dhaka airport , Bangladesh


 Huijin won the bidding for the exterior decorative aluminium mesh project of Dhaka Airport in Bangladesh. This is the second time that Huijin won the bidding for the project of Dhaka Airport in Bangladesh, and the two times won the bidding for different subcontractors. The first time was the bidding for the project of interior perforated mesh project.


This time Huijin won the bidding of nearly 5000 ㎡ external wall aluminium mesh project, with a wide range of sizes and specifications.In order to make it easier for customers to differentiate and install, we made a sign for each piece of product to save more time for the subsequent installation. We also use the high quality imported powder of Tiger brand to ensure the maximum smoothness and flatness of the product surface treatment, and better ensure the surface treatment life of the decorative aluminium mesh.


The delivery time of this project is only 20 days, the product has to go through the various processes :stretching-profiling-welding-sanding-

polishing-spraying-packaging-loading containers, which is a heavy task.Huijin put forward a set of high-quality production programme to mobilize all the forces to improve the production and co-ordinate closely with all the links to improve the production efficiency on the basis of guaranteeing the quality to ensure the delivery of the goods as scheduled.


The winning of the Dhaka airport decorative Aluminium wire mesh project in Bangladesh has once again demonstrated the competitiveness of Huijin products in the industry, but this is only a small step in the development of Huijin in the foreign market. Gathering the power of gold medal and building the brand of Huijin, Huijin will continue to contribute to the construction of domestic and foreign projects, and contribute more and more power to the development of wire mesh!

Post time: Aug-14-2023