Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh

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Product:   Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh

Model: HJEXP-16

Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh usually is raised type. It is also manufactured by shearing and stretching press machine, but different tools compared with common expanded metal.

The mateirals could be steel, stainess steel, aluminum, galvanized etc

The maximum size we can do is 20000SWDx 5000mm LWD way.

The standard size : 1220mm x 2440mm

Free sample is acceptable.

All  expanded metal fence satisfy with EMMA and ISO standard.

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Introduction Of Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh:

Expanded metal meshis formed by slitting and stretching process. With the characteristics of solid, durability and multipurpose, expanded metal mesh is widely used in every walk of life, especially the architecture and industry. Basically it includes raised and flattened two types.


Featuresof GothicExpanded Metal Mesh

  1. Economical.
  2. Durable.
  3. Extremely versatile.
  4. Easy installation.
  5. Low resistance to wind loads.
  6. Easily cut to fit.
  7. Many material options, such as carbonsteel, stainlessexpanded metal, and aluminumexpanded metal.
  8. Skid resistant
  9. Material Of Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh: cast iron, Stainless steel ,aluminum, Copper etc.

       11. Sampleis provide

12. Customizedis workable

Metal desplegado granada for gate

Application Of The Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh:

Walkway,catwalks,ramps and stairway

● Safety guards

● Architectural Building façade

● Balustrades

● Air intake screens

● Sidewalk grating

● Safety guards

● Security fencing

● Anti slip flooring or platforms

● Machine guards

Model HJE-24110 is usually used as the door, divider, the enclosure or protective fence, especially in the park, school and the public area

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