Round Staggered Perforated Metal

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-Product: Round Staggered Perforated Metal

-Model: HJP-03

-Material: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized.

-Style: Round and straight arrangement

-Hole Specification: 0.5 to 25.4mm

-Application: Filtration, sperker grilles, grain dryers, architectural decoration etc.

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Round  Staggered Perforated metal is manufactured by using punches or presses to create a series of holes, slots, bars or decorative patterns in sheet. It has countless applications and can be easily custom manufactured according to requirements. It can be used for environmental protection noise control barriers in transportation and municipal facilities such as highways, railways, subways, etc. passing through urban areas, and sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources.

Round staggered perforated metal is the most common perforated metals, it has 45 degree and 60 degreee.

We almost have all the moulds of round perforated metal.

Perforation(inch) Type centers HolesPSI Open rate
.020 straight 825 30%
.020 staggered 625 23%
.023 straight 576 24%
.023 staggered 400 18%
…. ….. …. ……
.156 3/8” staggered 15%
.172 1/4” staggered 43%
.172 3/8” staggered 19%
.180 9/32” staggered 35%
…. …. …. ….
.875 1-1/8” staggered 50%
1.0 1-1/4” staggered 58%
1.0 1-3/8” staggered 48%

Round perforated Metal


Advantages of perforated mesh:

>easy to process and shape

>can be painted or polished

>easy to install

>striking appearance

>sheets of various thicknesses

>wide selection of apertures and arrangements

>good sound absorption

>lighter weight

>long service life

>exact size

>extra long abrasion resistance


Perforated metal products has countless applications, mainly contains:

-Filtration: acoustical enclosures and lighting fixtures.

-Architecture: home appliances, electronic enclosures, farm equipments, pharmaceutical and store displays & fixtures

-Speaker grilles

-Grain dryers


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